Three years ago Maestrale started to consolidate it's more than three decades of high-tech activities into the development of a new platform of state-of-the-art advanced aircraft Flight Training Devices and Full Flight simulators, the Maestrale Next platform.

The Next generation flight simulators combines a very faithful real-size reproduction of the cockpit and all its flight instrumentation with an innovative, state-of-the-art dynamic movement control in real-time of the entire simulator and Enhanced Mixed Reality techniques to make the flight experiences in our simulators as realistic and engaging as possible for both civil and military pilots. Today we are especially concentrated on Rotary-wing aircraft flight Simulators, as this is the most challenging type of aircraft for simulator development.

Improvements achieved in the past decade in the fields of computer vision, graphics processing, display technology and input systems enable our Enhanced Mixed Reality approach to bring the interaction between humans, computers and the environment to a whole new level.

The core of our platform is the use of an innovative Enhanced Mixed Reality approach that allows, in combination with Artificial Intelligence and a very realistic dynamic movement control to create a perfect fusion between the physical world and the digital world that makes the flight experience on our simulators the most realistic one possible.

Every slight movement in the physical world translates into movement in the digital world as well, perfectly synchronized between the pilot and the co-pilot with no parallax error. Our software is based upon detailed real fixed wing or rotary wing aircraft flight data, making the dynamic behavior of our simulators exceptionally realistic and perfectly suited for training both novel pilots and experienced pilots in both commercial and military aviation. Our simulators are perfectly suited for ab initio training, basic flying, conversion training, mission training and Full Flight Mission (High fidelity Level-D) training.

As specified by EASA requirements, each single simulator is built according to the specific rotor wing aircraft specs, and it fully respects the characteristics of the chosen model. Maestrale has the ability to design and realize flight simulators for different types of fixed wing and rotary wing aircrafts present on the market.

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The next generation of simulators

Deployment of Best-of-class-technologies, increase flight safety, more realism, reliable and costs saving simulation solutions

Maestrale knowledge comes from over 40 years of activities in system integration and designing of High-Tech solutions mechatronic system design, software development and ICT projects.

The Maestrale team, together with the best Aerospace advisors, test pilots and Certified Training Centers across the globe, is designing and realizing the Next platform: a range of customized best-in-class rotary-wing aircraft simulators.

We have been developing a wide range of specific flight simulators, such as Robinson R22 and R44, Boeing H125, AW109, to meet the ever-increasing demand for high fidelity, realistic and affordable Flight Training solutions.

Each specific simulator has a perfectly reconstructed cockpit with complete and fully functional on-board instrumentation for the most realistic training experience, excitingly performing motion control and seaming less integration between the real world and the digital world outside the cockpit.

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