SIM22 New Video

June 2020

See our simulator in action! In this video you can see a quick flight performed by one of our professional test pilot. He enters the simulator as if he was stepping in a real helicopter. Opening and closing the door, positioning in the seat and fastening the seat belt. Wearing the head set, switching on the engine, checking and setting, the instruments in the cockpit, making sure everything is ready for take-off and then he’s ready to start. On the outside of the simulator a red light turns on to inform a training session is taking place.

Slowly the pilot lifts the collective and throttle bar with his left hand and with his right holds the cyclic. Using the rudder pedals he hovers to the take-off area and as leaves the ground. The trim strings are in a vertical position showing the helicopter is moving correctly. After his mission he returns to base. Again he can see the trim strings moving as he touches the ground and the reflection of the main rotor blades slowing down. Everything around him tells him he’s flying in a real helicopter.

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