Helicopter FFS

Up to EASA FSTD Full Flight Simulators Level D qualification

The Maestrale Helicopter Flight Simulation Platform is a High-Tech mechatronic system that integrates the most advanced solutions, currently on the scene, making them accessible with extreme simplicity. It is the synthesis of a 10-year study, carried out across various sectors. Developed by gathering the synergies of two fundamental industrial areas: Industrial computing and Mechatronic automation.
As specified by EASA requirements, each single simulator is built according to a specific rotorcraft, and it fully respects the characteristics of the chosen model. Maestrale has the ability to design and realize flight simulators for different types of helicopter present on the market.

Flight sceneries

For Maestrale H platform we have designed a High-Tech sophisticated Visual Dome Display. Dynamic images of flight scenarios are generated by a special software which has an internal archive. Here the pilot can find a wide range of flight environments, weather conditions, seasons, and day or night times for the utmost simulation. The Dome Display application is extremely realistic with medium/short distance. It gives the crew the real sensation of the distance to and from obstacles and structures around the aircraft. The pilot will have a taste of real flying when approaching and hovering near obstructions. This experience gives the flier the opportunity to develop sensations and reactions as in a real helicopter flight. EASA specifically mentions this type of activity in the Certification Specifications for Helicopter Flight Simulation Training Devices appendix 8.

Motion System

Maestrale H motion is based on the Stewart platform concept but also holds special characteristics. The main applied technology is that of CNC machine tools, worldwide known for precision and Aerospace machining. The system is a mix of digital electronics, power electromechanics, precision mechanics and software. These technologies, bound and managed by a specific software, generate a high standard mechatronic system able to freely move the cabin on 6 degrees of freedom.


Maestrale uses interior aircrafts identical to real helicopters. All instruments and commands perfectly mirror the simulated machine, and the crew finds itself operating in a real environment. Flight controls are as sensitive and reactive as those to the referenced helicopter including the reaction with or without servo-hydraulic. All commands and alerts can be altered, freely or by predefined schemes. This feature generates a wide variety of failures and/or abnormalities to the aircraft, giving the possibility to recreate any emergency condition during training and examinations. Perfect, to improve and better evaluate the reaction of the crew. It allows to test dangerous settings that for safety reasons cannot be tested during a real flight. The flight simulator can safely bring you to a deadly situation allowing you to operate safely, ending the training with a simple debriefing session. Situation which would otherwise have been potentially "destructiveā€¯ in real life.

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