Helicopter Trainer

The best solution for demonstrations and new pilot training

SIM22 is the first light helicopter simulator built with every perfect detail. Flight simulation for pilots has become a widespread must. Maestrale build project Helicopter Trainer to be a highly professional simulator holding top levels of realism: 2.5 degree of freedom (actual roll and pitch, software simulated z translation), full HD scenary, vibration simulation, custom flight model, low mainenance and easy transport and positioning.

Maestrale built project Helicopter Trainer to be a highly professional simulator. Holding top levels of reality:

  • ✓ Motion 2.5 DoF
  • ✓ Full HD scenery: each simulator carries a wide range of full HD scenarios. This giving the choice of a realistic experience and emotion
  • ✓ Vibration generator: the vibration system gives the pilot a more authentic feeling of being in a real flight
  • ✓ Industrial components: all industrial components are made through Tesas’ experience and know how
  • ✓ Safety compliance: regardless of the level of realism, safety regulations are observed in every aspect
  • ✓ dedicated format: the software simulator is customized according to the special characteristics of a specific type of helicopter
  • ✓ Low maintenance: little care is required to maintain high quality of efficiency at its full potential
  • ✓ Easy positioning: designed be easily assembled and disassembled. It can be moved to an exhibition or a showroom according to needs

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